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Cities of Cuba

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Much of Cuba's population and many of the major attractions in Cuba are spread throughout the islands major cities. Each metropolis in Cuba has its own distinct culture and characteristics. Basing Cuba holidays around one of the major cities makes for a good way to experience the vibrant life of the island.

Havana Cuba:

With a population of over two million, Havana Cuba is one of the largest cities in the Caribbean and by far the biggest urban conglomeration in Cuba. From the historic Habana Veija (Old Havana) to the culturally rich Vedado neighborhood, Havana displays the fine qualities that make a vacation to Cuba so rewarding. read more> Find hotels in Havana here.

Santiago de Cuba:

Cuba’s second largest city, Santiago de Cuba is a lively cultural center that has produced many of the country’s finest musicians and is home to the islands most exciting carnival celebrations. Santiago de Cuba’s large Afro-Caribbean population gives the city a unique atmosphere, dialect, and vibe. read more>

Varadero Cuba:

Cuba’s most popular beach resort, Varadero Cuba is situated on the long, beautiful Hicacos Peninsula. Home to the elaborate getaways of Al Capone and other rich Americans before the revolution, Varadero has prospered since Cuban tourism began to be encouraged in the early 1990s. There are now over 50 hotels on the peninsula, including some of the finest in all of Cuba. read more>

Holguin Cuba:

San Isidore de Holguin Cuba is the provincial capital of the Holguin region that includes the resort destinations of Guardalavaca and Playa Esmeralda. San Isidore de Holguin Cuba is a pleasant regional town, well worth a visit on any Cuban vacation to the resorts. read more>

Trinidad Cuba:

Cuba’s most historic town, Trinidad Cuba preserves many buildings from the island’s colonial period. The architecture is beautiful, but Trinidad is also worth a trip for its calming atmosphere and pleasant pace of life. read more>

Other major towns:
Santa Clara, Cienfuegos, Sanci Spiritus, Camaguey... there are many great places on the island to enjoy a Cuba vacation.

OVERVIEW for your visit to Cuba:

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